How We Started.

We first began in February 2020, when we saw the need in the market for quality and effective reusable face masks which could provide the required protection, yet be comfortable to wear in Singapore's hot and humid climate.

Frustrated by the lack of options in the market, we decided to design and manufacture our first version of the medical-grade fabric mask.

Since then, in the short span of 4 months, we have made several improvements and refinements to the design, style and functionality to better our masks based on customer feedback.

We have rapidly won over the trust of our customers and established ourselves as a trusted Singaporean provider and brand for high-quality reusable fabric masks.

Our Quality Promise.

We take great pride in the quality and consistency of our masks and our up and coming apparels. 

Our masks and apparels are crafted with only the finest materials - each and every component of our mask has been carefully sourced, curated and then meticulously hand-sewn.

Every step of the way, our masks and apparels undergo numerous stringent rounds of testing and quality checks.

We will continue to strive towards providing the same level of quality assurance for all our masks and apparels.

Our Innovation.

We are dedicated to providing better products for our customers and always looking for more ways to innovate and better our products.

We have increased our range of sizes from just 1 when we first began to 7 different sizes now for our masks, to make sure we are able to cater to our customer's needs. 

We are also well-known for our NDP Collection Masks, where beautiful and intricate designs representing our love for Singapore were meticulously embroidered on the fabric.

Regardless of fit or design, we hope that everyone will be able to find the mask and outfits they need and love here at PEFORE.